William has conducted over 30,000 lessons in his teaching career. Numerous tour players, world-class juniors, college players and celebrities have all gotten better with William. William has taught at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida alongside Mike Adams a Top 100 Golf Instructor.

In Arizona, William has taught alongside Kent Chase Southwest section Teacher of the Year and US Kids Top 50 Master Professional. If you want to maximize your golf potential in a fun and relaxing environment William will make you a better golfer.



I have had the pleasure of working with William in the Excellent Program. The information, skills, and habits that William teaches are vital for becoming a “champion” golfer. His knowledge of the game and desire to teach are outstanding. With William in my corner, I know that I have a 15th club in my bag.

Larry Fitzgerald

NFL Arizona Cardinals

Very seldom when looking for a golf instructor do you find one like William Dixon. Some teachers can teach you to swing, some can teach you to chip and putt, and some can teach you to play. Usually they are only good at one aspect of golf, but William can teach the total package”

Vinny del Negro

Former NBA Head Coach

William instilled in me the fundamentals of the golf swing and an artistic short game, but more importantly he taught me what it means to believe in myself. He provided me the tools and proper training, both mentally and physically, to achieve the goals we set out for.

Cody McManus

Division I Player at Pepperdine University

William has mastered the art of teaching the solid fundamentals and golf, along with the nuances for lowering your score. His expert coaching is effective and proven… Offering insights that inspire confidence in yourself and your game if you’re serious about improving your game, William is the real deal.

Debra Dubree

ClearEdge Founder & Elite Perfomance Specialists

Dixon has been integral to my development as a golfer. Aside from his investment in me, I am most appreciative for the impact he has made on my family. My wife and three children have grown in their knowledge and love of the sport while also honing their skills. Dixon is an asset to any golfer, regardless of level in their journey. I would recommend him to anyone looking to perfect their foundation of golf mechanics and advance their game.

Kelvin Beachem

Offensive Right Tackle, Arizona Cardinals

I have been around golf most of my life and recently took a lesson from Bill after moving to Arizona. I was struggling with a few aspects of my swing and could feel I was doing something wrong but couldn’t put my finger on what it was. Bill watched me for a few minutes and suggested a few things and had me hitting the ball so good. What I enjoyed most about the lesson was he didn’t try to change my entire swing like some of my lessons in the past but helped me to understand how some of the things I was doing was counterproductive to my desired outcome.
One aspect of my game that always caused angst was hitting a bunker shot. No matter what I tried doing it never seemed to translate into consistency. One shot was fat, the next bladed over the green. I can’t tell you how many strokes I lost to parbecause of my inability to hit a bunker shot. Bill fixed me in less than 30 seconds. He introduced bunker concepts that made getting out of the bunker so easy. I was laughing in the practice bunker saying it can’t be this easy. I can’t say enough good things about Bill’s teaching. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their game.

Chuck Dolbow